Who are we?

Husband and wife team that is dedicated and ready to be wherever you need us. Our expertise extends beyond photography and videography; we are adept at effortlessly guiding you through your special day. You can relax, knowing that we will help you find the perfect balance between enjoying the moment and capturing all the important memories.

We are proactive in fixing stray hairs, straightening ties, and even using a firm tone if needed to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our goal is to maintain a light-hearted, enjoyable atmosphere while ensuring everyone looks their best.

Choosing to a Focus Picture Couple should be the simplest decision in your wedding planning process. We are more than just your creative team; we are family. Our involvement on your wedding day plays a pivotal role in creating memories you will cherish forever.

Meet the team

Ayoub G. : Lead Filmmaker

Fadoua R. : Creative Director

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